A plot summary of the story of white fang

MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Mitsah names the animal White Fang because of the ivory-white teeth the beast sprouts. Soon, everything starts to go wrong for Beauty Smith as karma catches up to him. After the famine is over, the wolf pack separates, and the she-wolf and three males travel together, until one of the wolves, "One Eye," kills the other two.

Scott, White Fang, and a horde or irate villagers give chase. From the taming of a wolf, to the taming of the wild, he must find the courage to conquer his fears and become a man in this outdoor adventure. Returning the wolf-dog to Mitsah, who is staring to recover, they suppress any news of the death of his father until he is physically recovered.

He is skeptical of Bill's theory that a wolf lurks among the sled dogs, but takes the disappearance of each dog in stride. When Weeden Scott has to return to his home in the Southland Californiahe at first intends to leave White Fang behind.

White Fang Summary

A fight is provoked by between White Fang and Smith's champion hound he uses for dogfight gambling bets. Less impulsive than his partner, he manages to escape the wolf pack's attack, but leaves the incident deeply shaken.

White Fang is victorious, killing the opposing dog. The she-wolf eventually kills the lynx but suffers severe injury; the lynx carcass is devoured over a period of seven days as the she-wolf recovers from her injuries.

He was killed by a lynx when he tries to rob her den for food during a famine. In the process, White Fang is injured, almost to the point of death. She is even less of a factor than her son and still gives White Fang some food when he returns to their camp.

One day, he saved a mixed dog-wolf from the hands of a cruel man, and a brave friendship develops between the two. After a while, the white fang was taken from Jack, by a man who put him in an illegal dog fighting pen to fight other dogs. The perspective then changes to the she-wolf. The dog-wolf, who is named "the white fang" for it's sharp and white teeth, was left alone after his mother was killed by a hunter.

Scott then takes White Fang with him. When she returns to the Native Americans, she gets sent away from White Fang and only sees him twice more in the novel, once after White Fang has turned of age, the second time during a famine when she again escaped into the wild, as did some other dogs including White Fang - in both cases she chased him off to protect her new pups.

The gray wolf and the old wolf, called One-Eye, team up to kill the young one, then the old one attacks the gray wolf from behind and kills him.

Kiche is White Fang's mother; she is known as the "she-wolf" at the beginning of the novel. In the meantime, Scott takes a parental interest to the youngster. His wild, aggressive nature makes him the enemy of his own kind, as well as of most humans.

Matt is Scott's musher. The story ends with White Fang relaxing in the sun with the puppies he has fathered with the sheep-dog Collie.White Fang will cheerfully fling himself in front of a bus for Scott, something that didn't come from a copious beating or free food, but from demonstrating some honest-to-God morality.

He's the exact opposite of Beauty Smith, giving White Fang the full spectrum of what humanity has to offer. White Fang, who is three-quarters wolf and one-quarter husky, enters the story in the first month of his life, and London describes his step-by-step development as he.


The wolf dog, White Fang, aids a reporter, a fur trapper, a nun, a young Eskimo boy and his father of ridding a gold mining town of a sleazy crime lord in Yukon, Canada. White Fang becomes a professional, experienced and a cruel killer. But unexpectedly after a long time Jack meets him again and they renew their friendship.

When a group of criminals wants to steal Jack's gold, White Fang is the only one who can help him to fight them off. White Fang begins to kill other dogs, and Grey Beaver encourages his vicious behavior. White Fang’s vicious tendencies bring him to the attention of Beauty Smith, a cruel man who engages in.

When Weeden Scott has to return to his home in the Southland (California), he at first intends to leave White Fang behind.

White Fang

White Fang, however, escapes and sneaks aboard the ship. Scott, therefore, chooses to take the dog along. The novel ends by showing how White Fang learns to exist as a domesticated animal.

A plot summary of the story of white fang
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