Character azreen in novel curse

From this, I learnt to be courageous in order to speak and act according to what I think is right. He never tells anyone and until Azreen confronts him. As a child, she plays hockey and football with the boys. The Old Lady is therefore an exemplary character as she is strong, wise and honourable.

She does not give up. In addition to that, Azreen accepts the offer to further her studies in London for the sake of upbringing her family social status and thus could then save a lot of money to get a better treatment for her mother that is paralyzed by the bull escape incidents that she.

Neglects his first wife, Fathihah in the process. Intelligent as she managed to further her studies in the United Kingdom. She is a good role model. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and we must be brave and courageous to overcome our daily obstacles and stand for our own rights.

The character that I dislike in the novel is Puan Normala. When her affair was discovered, Encik Saleh gets very angry and accidentally killed Madhuri. She is also a resourceful person and she is a good cook and her recipes and secret ingredients are very much sought after.

He did not even thanked Azreen and the Old Lady for the help that they had given him. Mohan and his sons who were accusing Asraf for letting the bull out. Old Lady An educated woman as she has knowledge of herbal medicine to treat illnesses.

When she put all the details together, she came to a conclusion and told her father straight that he was the one who killed Madhuri. She is gullible as she likes to ponder over the gossips and rumours told by Normala, the village gossip. It is through the Bomoh that the mysterious happenings that took place in the village are uncovered.

She always studies hard. Neglects his first wife, Fathihah in the process.

When Old Lady vegetable garden is trampled, she repairs it. When Azreen returns home, she sees the bomoh scampering behind the bushes. Azreen also has strength of character. Even the characters in this novel portray many kinds of traits in order to capture the attention of the readers.

I like Azreen because she is responsible.CHARACTERS Which character do you like best in the novel you have read?

Theme of the Curse Novel 1

Give reasons why you like the character, using the information from the novel to support your answer. In the Curse by Lee Su Ann, I like Azreen, the heroine.

AZREEN. Main character of the novel.

Studies in England. Happy to be away from her village. Did not have good relationship with her parents especially her father due to her defiant behaviour and tomboyish outlook.

Apr 23,  · The novel that I choose is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. The story is about the mysterious death of Azreen’s adopted sister, Madhuri, and how Azreen goes through everything to find out the truth behind the death. The character that I dislike in the novel is Puan Normala.

The Curse - Lesson - Write about a life lesson that you learnt from the novel ‘The Curse’ is the novel written by Lee Su Ann which has many lessons that can be used in our lives.

Today, I am going to write on one lesson which really captured my attention in the novel that is ‘courage’. Character and characterisation - a character is a person in a narrative who may THE CURSE NOVEL About the novel In “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, Azreen takes time off from her studies in London, UK, to return to her village in one of the legendary islands of Langkawi.

a curse on everyone on the island. Azreen arrives late to pay her. The Curse – Lee Su Ann. CHARACTERS Write about a character that you find most interesting in the novel The Curse.

Provide evidence from the novel to show why the character is interesting. Sample answer 1 The character that I find most interesting in the novel The Curse by Lee Su Ann is Azreen.5/5(1).

Character azreen in novel curse
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