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Slowly we go ahead by passing our one by one class until we get passed successfully till 12th standard. It provides a person a unique standard in the life and feeling of well being. There are two main approaches to values education. Higher study is very necessary for all to get good and technical job in the life.

Education not only gives us a platform to succeed, but also the knowledge of social conduct, strength, character and self respect. It is not merely talking about great men that the child would get oriented to values; the teacher has to play a major and a decisive role in giving this lesson by precept as well as by example.

Television, which is a craze for the young of today, should also be used to present value-based programmes through skits, cartoon scripts and such other means. Traditionally the objectives of value-education were based on religion and philosophy.

Value Based Education | Need for Value Based Education

They should be allowed to speak on any of its aspects and speak out to the whole congregation after the prayer. Earlier the education system was so tough and costly, poor people were not able to get higher studies after the 12th standard.

It is the mother who tends to lend the first lessons and it is on her that rests the foundation-laying responsibility. The programmes and policies have remained just on paper, just due to lack of coordination between the different implementing agencies.

People are taught to co-operate with each other. Students' lived experience of ethical situations in school. Activities Relating to Respect of National Symbols: Starics drawn from the great religions of the world will be most appropriate in a discussion of moral values and of problems in life, All religions stress certain fundamental qualities of character, such as honesty and truthfulness, consideration for others, reverence for old age, kindness to animals and compassion for the needy and the suffering.

Then again, without education we never experience true bliss. Hence, the society in all likelihood would not resort to wars however ignorance breeds prejudices and hatred.

Our parents let us know the importance of good education in the life. Objectives of Value Education: If the impressionable mind once gets set to noble goals difficult would it is to lead him astray. How students wish to be treated.

Grounds for values and attitudes: So, the students who are the future citizens of tomorrow have to be oriented to respond to and adjust with these social changes satisfactorily by equipping them with desirable skills and values. Share Tweet Writing a description essay job online my best dress essay quotation introduction about sports essay tips the superstitions essay in arizona.

Developing a democratic way of thinking and living. There was so much differences and inequality in the society among people.

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Value based education is a three fold development of any individual of any gender and age, but most importantly of a child. The feeling of unity and communal harmony helps build values in a student.

Education gives us this very knowledge, the most supreme knowledge of knowing oneself, which helps us to make our life better and purposeful.

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Therefore, education is necessary to remove the different evils of the society. Women were enslaved and looked down upon due to the lack of education. Helping pupils to have faith in themselves and in some supernatural power that, is supposed to control this universe and human life.VALUE-BASED EDUCATION: A NEED OF TODAY In the present era of education assisted by ultramodern technology, we are inclined more towards knowledge and ranks in the examination than application of learning in our day-to-day life.

India is badly in need of Value Based Education and Teaching System which inculcates among the young students values that they need to imbibe and embalm within them. Value based education imparts social, moral, integrity, character, spirituality and many more.

It builds the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in a person. Value based education essay teachers. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. Share: Recent Posts. Value based education essay teachers Nandan GSE an ISOmanufacturer based in India and delivering, worldwide since 26 years.

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Value Education: Meaning, Objectives and Needs | India

Contact. facebook; linkedin. calgaryrefugeehealth.comamana, an abyasi, who is basically an engineer in midhani, explains, "a teacher's manual on value based spiritual education for classes i to x has been published by the institute.

the. Importance Of Value Based Education. Value based education has been the wish for most nations and especially India. It refers to education whereby the outcome adds value to the learners and not just learning because it is a routine or mandatory to do so.

The central task of value based education is to develop men of goodwill who do not cheat, or steal, or kill; universal individuals who value as one both self and mankind.

R.W. Emerson has described the men of .

Value based education in india essay
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